Sierra Controls

Sierra Controls is an independant Building Automation Service Provider based in South-Western Ontario and servicing customers in Guelph, Cambridge and Waterloo Region.

Using the state of the art automation system hardware and software, we implement environmental control strategies and energy conservation techniques. We add the capability to store longterm trend data for commissioning and analysis of historical data to extract the maximum efficiency from your facility.

Combining our DDC installation experience beginning in 1982 with our experience in multiple industries -- has given our staff keen insight into numerous control applications.

From simple design issues to full integration and testing, we can provide the best solution. From standard routines to custom optimization strategies our broad experience will benefit the greening of your facility. Our professionals can improve your existing system or design a new one, making your processes greener, more comfortable and more economical.

In a world of proprietary solutions we committed to and supported open protocols before it was fashionable. Allow us to help you through the maze of " open protocol" double speak.

 Our design, service, and installation capabilities makes us the clear choice for your facility automation needs.

Telephone 1-866-896-2488